8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 2 + 3

Welcome back! Have you guys finished checking out my first post about Day-1 in Korea?




Then let’s head to the ‘tomorrow‘! Let’s start the day by welcoming the morning sunshine above Korea!! Just kidding, we overslept…. until 1 p.m… sharp…. BUTTT! That much of sleeping powered up our energy for continuing our journey! (WOW, what a reason! Nice try!)


Pic #10 #11 #12 #13: TO-DO-LIST-#6: Visit Gyeong-Bok-Gung Palace!

> This is a check-list for a tour! Though this palace located among modern-buildings, one could still feel its kingdom aura. Do you feel like you’ve seen this sight? Yup, another Korean drama scene we got here.


> Detail of the Interior Sculpture

> I did say that it’s among tall buildings, but fyi the palace was spacious! If you walk further and further away, you’ll see mountains just by your eyes!


> Heyyy whom did I meet here, outside the Palace? A group of ridiculously half-naked Oppa! I guess they were challenging the Winter! It’s the “Coz the cold never bothered me anyway~” before it was cool.

Pic #14 #15: #TO-DO-LIST-#7: Visit Dong-Dae-Mun Street!

> Then find mouth-watery Korean Food! Beef, Pork, Egg. Should try every kind of meats! Well, The Bulgogi was the BEST!

> Night Market Craze! Korea is famous for its night market. Korean fashion, Korean food, Korean music, Korean language (well of course),  it’s like you know Korea if you have visited the night markets!


Pic #16: TO-DO-LIST-#8: Outdoor Skating!

>It was really hard to predict what was hidden among the tall buildings of Korea. If you took the MRT’s City-Hall-Exit-Number-5, you’ll immediately see a wide icy-area. For an hour of skating, you should only pay 1.000 won (in Rupiah it’s ONLY Rp10.000,-). Please note that this facility only available in Winter. Yeay!


 Pic #17: #TO-DO-LIST-9: Visit The Mall!

>We visited the newly-opened mall: The Coex Mall! It’s a beautiful place, but the most important thing there was that… we ate jajangmyeon, another famous dish in Korea!




Find out our pictures when visiting The Paradise Island in South Korea:


and the rest of the days:


Thank you for looking at my amateur photographs, hope they please your eyes 🙂


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