Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014

Every once in two years, Buddhist Community in my college (called KMB ITB) holds an event called ‘Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis’. Through this event, we visit rural villages in Indonesia to do a community service.

This year, ‘Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014‘ was going to be held, so I joined the committee as the Chief of Publication and Documentation. Before the event was held, I was responsible to disseminate related information about the event. When the event was held, I was responsible to documenting the whole activities. (Lucky me! I got ALL the pictures from 5 CAMERAS AT ONCE, so that i can show you our best shot when we were there!)

Tempuran Village

A Brief Explanation about DDB 2014

This time we visited Tempuran Village, Kaloran, Temanggung City, Central of Java. It was a predominantly-Buddhist village with the main occupation of the villagers were farmers. Although they loved to conduct worship ceremonies, they had NO monastery. The nearest monastery for them was several kilometer away, located in the neighboring village. They had to through such distance by walking up-and-down the hills. Concerned about that, we collect fund from sponsors and donors to build a monastery there. 100 million rupiah (about USD 8.000) were then collected in months.

When the monastery construction was about to finish, about 50 representatives of our Buddhist community (including me) went there to hold the inauguration ceremony and other activities related to the community service. From May 24th, 2014, we stayed (lived-in, to be exact) there for 4days-3night.



> From Bandung City, we ride a bus to Temanggung City. To reach the village, we could only ride either a motorcycle or a pick-up car because you see, the road. just see below! But riding roofless car with such view? Priceless!

OTW to Tempuran Village

> such view

View from Tempuran Village


> There, we were welcomed cheerfully by the cute kids!

Cute Kids!

Cute Kids!

Cute Kids!

Cute Kids!

Cute Kids!


> Even the villagers were expecting us!

Villagers of Tempuran


> We played with the children, held contest/games, taught science

Play Run & Catch

Coloring Contest

Teachin Science

Teaching Science


> For the villagers, we held ‘Pesta Rakyat’. It’s a celebration party for the villagers. Welcoming speech, performances, and fine food were there!

Pesta Rakyat




> And we lived with them: slept where they slept, ate what they ate, and did what they did..

House of the Villagers

Going to the Rice Field

Pick Coconut

Helping Farming

Farming Chilis


Rice Field

Mowing Result



> The meaningful days was closed by visiting the almost-done Monastery we built for them

Monastery for Tempuran Village

Group Photo with the Villagers in front of the Monastery

Those photos might not represent all of the memories we had, but those are all best of the best moments captured in Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014. Credit to my 4 precious photographers from Publication and Documentation Division:


Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014 has given me valuable lessons about responsibilities, tasks, and people. It was not easy for me to reach this end-point, but it was worth it. Smile, Laughter, Sincerity, Simplicity, and Love, were the words that came to my mind every time i reminisce DDB 2014.

What i learned from this committee was: Never give up or be afraid in making effort for conducting a community service. It’s really wise for making other people’s happiness’, ours. Just do our best and be an inspiration for others.


Nobody said it is easy, but it is worth it.



Thank you so much for reading a piece of story in my life ❤

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