Newly Uncovered Little Paradise in Indonesia: SAWARNA BEACH

Indonesia has a extremely large number of islands. Therefore people can find beaches easily. Kuta Beach in Bali, for example. It is very famous worldwide. Well you see, this Sawarna Beach… I’ve never even heard of it, since i was born!

In June 2014 (yep, Summer!, red), when my big family in Jakarta (Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, red.) asked me to join the 7-hour car trip to that beach (in Banten Province), i was unwilling about the forever-sitting-inside-the-car thing. But then they guaranteed that the beach was so beautiful that it is worth the carsick. Oh really? How beautiful?

> The first beach was the best for looking at Sunrise. You can NOT swim here because there were a lot of corals! This picture below was when we were expecting for the sunrise!

Sunrise in Sawarna Beach

> This big coral, for example:

Corals in Sawarna Beach

> One question, how did we get there? Walking? No, the beaches were too far from where tourists were staying. Car? No, the road heading there was so narrow and rocky. It was just a small rocky path which was only enough for: OJEK (hired motor driver, red.)

Hired OJEK

> Now you know, by OJEKs (reserved by the servants of the place where we were staying), we continued our adventure to another beach, about 15 minutes from the first beach. There, you were once again MAY NOT swim because of the high tides. 15 people died while swimming because of this beach. BUT I had to admit that this was the MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! The blue sky, the white sand, the sturdy corals, and the palm trees illuminated by the sunshine. This was a little paradise where only few people had ever come.

Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach

(ps. You know what? Although we went here in high season (when Kuta Beach were a sea of people), there were just a few families visited this place. It’s still kinda isolated. So when we went to the beaches and caves, many times there were ONLY our family. So we felt like staying in a private island!)

> The most highlighted place by the government for the tourists of Sawarna Village to go, were the beaches, the caves, and the corals. The caves didn’t have any historical stories in it (or people in that place just didn’t know) so people could just sightseeing of the natural caves. Here’s what one of the caves there looked like:_HEN3601

> The Corals were HUGE and kinda cool. We could go up there for looking at the faraway sea and the Sawarna shoreline. But be careful! For going up to the biggest coral, we had to walk above another flat corals and hold onto the vertical corals beside us. The wave of the beach could reach us til our legs. It could be dangerous if there was a high tide. You could be swept away by the wave and hit the corals below you. So don’t bring gadgets or electronics for this spot.

Corals of Sawarna Beach

> And finally, you will be brought by the OJEKs (the ojek riders were like your tour guide here) to another beach with low tides. YOU CAN SWIM HERE! (please pardon the tumblr-pose of me and my cousin)

Pantai Sawarna

> If you have spare time, you could go visit the villagers’ hut around your place and have a chit chat!

Villagers' Hut

> Last but not least, i would show you the place where I stayed. It was a cottage. The facilities they gave you there were air conditioner, hot water (for bath), water for drinking, and (sea)food catering thrice a day. It was a nice and comfy place to stay. That place was called “Villa Little Hula-Hula”

Villa Little Hula-Hula Sawarna

If you (maybe someday) wanted to visit Sawarna Beach and you need to convince someone to go with, just use this brief summary of Sawarna Beach:

Sawarna beach is the most beautiful beach in Banten Province, West Java, Indonesia. The length of the shoreline was 65 kilometers, covered by white sandy beaches, clear blue water, sturdy corals, green bushy hills, and paddy fields.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! ❤

(ps. Special thanks for my uncles for taking these stunning pictures, at the right moments!)

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