An Ultra-Fun Trip to Jogjakarta! HashtagExploreJogja

Frankly speaking this was the 2nd time in my life i went to Jogjakarta. The very 1st time was in March this year for GMBCC (Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition) and this month was for Chronics (Product Design Competition). We’re so blessed to be invited here!


The First Time

Anyway, on the 1st trip my team and I only visited Borobudur Temple and “Alun-Alun Kidul” on the free time bcs we still got a lot of college assignment to do. So yeah, we spent most of the free time inside our hotel room, working on them.

We traveled independently to those two places. We were just brought there and were not given tour guide whatsoever so we just spoiling our eyes with the wonderful view.

Borobudur Temple with our LO and another team from India
Borobudur Temple with our LO and another team from India


Detail Sculpture Borobudur Temple
Detail Sculpture in Borobudur Temple


"Alun-alun Kidul" with our two kind-hearted friends in Jogja
“Alun-alun Kidul” with our two kind-hearted friends in Jogja

The Second Time

THIS TIME! Giving me goosebumps with all of those indigenous and culture stories regarding the place and the city itself. We were told much about the “Keraton” palace history,  about the place where concubines of sultan used to take baths called “Tamansari“, about the underground mosque, about the stories behind every pattern of “Batik“, and about the strength of the culture then until now.

This was the video i took during our adventurous journey (bonus the exhibition part of the competition) in Jogjakarta.


To me, Jogjakarta is…

Really awesome! The people were so friendly and The food was so cheap and yummy and sweet at the same time (which is just perfect for me)! I’m also amazed by how they could still preserve their customs and cultures. The mystical stories told to me has successfully gave me a whole new perspective about this world (No kidding!). I discover that there is such a different world out there (If you know what I mean lol).

I really am a proud Indonesian because there is Jogjakarta.

Last but not least, i would like to express my gratitude to my dear friends in my team. We started from zero. But we did not quit. We might not be like those “2+2=4” team, but we were the “1+1=3” team. Thank you for not giving up on us. I had a lot of valuable experiences because of you guys. It won’t be like this if i were with anybody else. I live my youth to the fullest content of my heart! Love you guys!

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