8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: LAST DAYS

This post summarizes 4 LAST days in one!

How can?

Because we re-visited the same place over and over again! What place? Night Markets! Why? Because we are GIRLS (Girls and shopping are inseparable,  remember? (Well actually my sisters and shopping were) )


Let’s just straightly check out these TO-DO-LISTS because VACATION TIME IS APPROACHING!

Pic #26: TO-DO-LIST-#11: Visit Han Gang River!

> There are some famous river sight: Han Gang River and Cheong Yeo Chon River. To arrive at this point, you have to walk quite a distance from the MRT station! But it’s worth it.

Pic #27: TO-DO-LIST-#12: Visit Cheong Yeo Chon River!

> In winter, there were these decorations of mesmerizing ice sculptures (maybe it was mesmerizing because i didn’t understand the abstract shape lol). And this is the view of night time. During daytime, one could see stones that lined across the river in every certain distance.

Pic #28 #29 #30: TO-DO-LIST-#13: Insadong Market!

> Whatever these were called, for the sake of a happy tummy, FIND THESE LIGHT SNACKS AND HUNT THEM DOWN!!!! But still, don’t forget to shop! It was a great place to find souvenirs.

> Inside this was a savory melted-egg. That is what so important about this food.

> The waffle was so crunchy! Inside it was whipped cream. Sweet tooth!


Pic #31: TO-DO-LIST-#14: Nam Dae Mun Street at Night!

> Along the street you could find food stalls selling the best companions of SOJU, Korean Wine! Our pick was black pepper chicken.


Pic #32 #33: TO-DO-LIST-#15: Theme Park!

> From several famous theme park in Korea, such as Lotte World, Everland, and Seoul Land, We went to Seoul Land! From the MRT Station we had to walk approximately 0.7 km or ride a shuttle bus.

> The theme this season was Snow Party!

> We chose this place especially because of this ride! Among other rides like roller coaster etc, this was preferential. It was only opened in winter, sliding a snow hill using a plastic board. The breezy wind made us addicted to this venue! SO MUCH FUN!


Pic #34 #35: TO-DO-LIST-#16: Myeong-Dong Night Market

> What really awesome in this place was that we found a shop called “EVERYSING” that sold EVERYTHING for fans of SM Entertainment Artists. Photograph, posters, souvenirs, were all officially signed by the artist! The shop was located at the 4th floor of a clothing shop named “SPAO”. We were so LUCKY! Look at all of these heavenly place! (FYI I’m a BIG fan of Girls’ Generation. Yeap, That’s why.)

> There was even this extraordinary photo booth where you could took a picture with your bias. UNBELIEVABLE!!! (From top-left, clockwise: Si Won (Super Junior), Tae Yeon, Yuri, and Tiffany (Girls’ Generation).

Pic #36 #37: TO-DO-LIST-#17: Gangnam Street!

> When i went there Psy’s song ‘Gangnam Style’ was still on top of billboard, so in the street there was this stage!

> About the street, you could find high class branded stores and restaurant. It was the right place for wealthy people to spend their money! For me, the Sam-Gyeob-Sal (Pork Belly) there was THE BEST!



This is the end of my story in Seoul, South Korea. I wish this could be your mini guide when travelling there one Day.

If you missed a part of the stories, kindly check these complete index:

#1 DAY 1

#2 DAY 2+3


#4 LAST DAYS (this one is this post)


Thank you so much for reading the whole stories! Hope you like it ❤







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