Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014

Every once in two years, Buddhist Community in my college (called KMB ITB) holds an event called ‘Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis’. Through this event, we visit rural villages in Indonesia to do a community service. This year, ‘Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014‘ was going to be held, so I joined the committee as the Chief of Publication and Documentation. Before the event was held, I was responsible … Continue reading Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014

Holy Job!

Good evening, i feel like writing something! Hmmm… I’m going to tell you guys a new kinda-complicated (?) thing in my life named Kusaladhana, which was an old-legendary stuff in KMB but too impossible to even ever crossed my mind! (KMB is Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis, A Non-profit organization based on Buddhism in my campus, red.). So in short, i got a chance, offered by new president of the … Continue reading Holy Job!

What a HAPPY Valentine Day!

Valentine’s Chocolate for Charity

This year (2014) i am in charged of publication and documentation for Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis (DDB) 2014 held by KMB Dhammanano ITB. DDB itself is a community service, held every once in two years. It helped a chosen village in development, education, and many other aspects.

Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014 logo
Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014 logo

My crew and I usually made posters, leaflets, etc. and published the information about DDB mostly in social media. In addition to publishing, our aim was also to get donation from it (due to large cost requirement).

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