An Ultra-Fun Trip to Jogjakarta! HashtagExploreJogja

Frankly speaking this was the 2nd time in my life i went to Jogjakarta. The very 1st time was in March this year for GMBCC (Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition) and this month was for Chronics (Product Design Competition). We’re so blessed to be invited here!   The First Time Anyway, on the 1st trip my team and I only visited Borobudur Temple and “Alun-Alun Kidul” on … Continue reading An Ultra-Fun Trip to Jogjakarta! HashtagExploreJogja

Pulau Pramuka VS Pulau Harapan, Which was Better?

HELLO 2015!

Guess what? I haven’t posted ANYTHING since 2014!! Where have I been? What did I do? Let’s skip that part. I’ll just write something I have in mind before it flew away. This is about my trips to the beaches in Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia.

So in the beginning of this year (on January), I went to Kepulauan Seribu with my friends. And again, in the middle of this year (on July), I went to Kepulauan Seribu. But this time, it was with family. Although the destination was the same, but they were a COMPLETELY different package.

Let’s say the the two trips was like “KOPER VS RANSEL” in Bahasa. My 1st trip (Let’s call it “Ransel“) was a cost-efficient one. On the other hand, my 2nd trip (Let’s call it “Koper“) was a quality-optimizing one. Cost and quality was always a trade-off, you know.


Look, it’s not like I’m a beach-expert. I’m not the kind of girl who needs Vitamin SEA every once in a while. But since I’ve experienced these two similar-but-not-the-same trips, I feel like comparing and sharing it to the people. So here we go:

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Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014

Every once in two years, Buddhist Community in my college (called KMB ITB) holds an event called ‘Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis’. Through this event, we visit rural villages in Indonesia to do a community service. This year, ‘Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014‘ was going to be held, so I joined the committee as the Chief of Publication and Documentation. Before the event was held, I was responsible … Continue reading Dharmabakti Desa Buddhis 2014

Newly Uncovered Little Paradise in Indonesia: SAWARNA BEACH

Indonesia has a extremely large number of islands. Therefore people can find beaches easily. Kuta Beach in Bali, for example. It is very famous worldwide. Well you see, this Sawarna Beach… I’ve never even heard of it, since i was born!

In June 2014 (yep, Summer!, red), when my big family in Jakarta (Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, red.) asked me to join the 7-hour car trip to that beach (in Banten Province), i was unwilling about the forever-sitting-inside-the-car thing. But then they guaranteed that the beach was so beautiful that it is worth the carsick. Oh really? How beautiful? Continue reading “Newly Uncovered Little Paradise in Indonesia: SAWARNA BEACH”

8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: LAST DAYS

This post summarizes 4 LAST days in one! How can? Because we re-visited the same place over and over again! What place? Night Markets! Why? Because we are GIRLS (Girls and shopping are inseparable,  remember? (Well actually my sisters and shopping were) )   Let’s just straightly check out these TO-DO-LISTS because VACATION TIME IS APPROACHING! Pic #26: TO-DO-LIST-#11: Visit Han Gang River! > There are … Continue reading 8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: LAST DAYS