8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 1

Another Holiday is approaching!! Time flew so fast, but I still couldn’t forget my very last trip to The Recently-Super-Booming-Country: South KOREA! My 2 sisters and I went there last Christmas (Dec 2013), as a backpacker! Well, we actually brought our girly suitcases, what i wanted to say is that we went there on our own! We didn’t use travel-agent or tour-guide or whatsoever.

8 DAYS! What did girls (like us) do in an eight-day-vacation? Bunches of Bucket-list? City-Tour? Map-Exploration? Let these amateur pictures tell you our adventurous moments! Enjoy! 🙂



Pic #1: Tickets to Heaven!

> From Seokarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia to In-Cheon Airport, South Korea, here we go!

#Pic 2: TO-DO-LIST-#1: Buy T-Money!

> MRT-ing requires this digital money, my sisters’ T-money were hello kitty, mine was pig….. a… pig….


Pic #3: TO-DO-LIST-#2: Visit Nearest Park!

> We stayed in a homey-guest-house! Feels like home! Along the road there, between buildings, you can find parks!


Pic #4: TO-DO-LIST-#3: Find the Traditional Food!

> Sour-spicy food were so Korean-ish food! This was Beef & Ham Fried Rice at Yoogane, Myeong Dong


Pic #5 #6 #7: TO-DO-LIST-#4: Myeong-Dong Night Market, Korean Snack!

> Korean Snacks were THE BEST, jinjja! In convenient store you MUST buy Banana Milk and Pepero,


> Then you MUST find tteokbokki NO MATTER WHAT! It’s one of the most famous dishes in Korea!


> And the other one was Korean Pancakes: sweet, warm, yummy, indeed! (especially in a -2 degree Celsius night)


Pic #8 #9: TO-DO-LIST-#5: Visit Namsan Tower!

> My sister’s friend (the boy in the middle) studying in Korea, brought us here, the highest spot in South Korea: Namsan Tower. A must-go place because the view was so beautiful, the place was so romantic (Korean Drama’s common shooting scene).



> And if you would go there with your boyfriend/girlfriend, lock your names there! Your love might be happily ever after, like the fairy-tale said 😉




Stay tune and find out what we did in the following days:

DAY 2 & 3




Thank you for reading, hope you like it 🙂

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