8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Nami Day!

“THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE!” Winter is the exact time to visit this place. You see it was once featured as the shooting scenes in a legendary Korean Drama (when i was a teenager): Winter Sonata. YUP that’s right, it’s the NAMI ISLAND! SO THE (MUST-DO-IT)  TO-DO-LIST-#10: VISIT NAMI ISLAND! Let these snowy pictures of Nami Island please your eyes 🙂 Pic … Continue reading 8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Nami Day!

8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 2 + 3

Welcome back! Have you guys finished checking out my first post about Day-1 in Korea? DAY 1   Finish? Then let’s head to the ‘tomorrow‘! Let’s start the day by welcoming the morning sunshine above Korea!! Just kidding, we overslept…. until 1 p.m… sharp…. BUTTT! That much of sleeping powered up our energy for continuing our journey! (WOW, what a reason! Nice try!) DAY 2 … Continue reading 8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 2 + 3

8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 1

Another Holiday is approaching!! Time flew so fast, but I still couldn’t forget my very last trip to The Recently-Super-Booming-Country: South KOREA! My 2 sisters and I went there last Christmas (Dec 2013), as a backpacker! Well, we actually brought our girly suitcases, what i wanted to say is that we went there on our own! We didn’t use travel-agent or tour-guide or whatsoever. 8 … Continue reading 8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 1

Holy Job!

Good evening, i feel like writing something! Hmmm… I’m going to tell you guys a new kinda-complicated (?) thing in my life named Kusaladhana, which was an old-legendary stuff in KMB but too impossible to even ever crossed my mind! (KMB is Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis, A Non-profit organization based on Buddhism in my campus, red.). So in short, i got a chance, offered by new president of the … Continue reading Holy Job!

Don’t worry, be HOPEY!

From Ajahn Brahm Tour d’Indonesia 2014, i presented to you the main topic of the talkshow by Ajahn Brahm… Don’t Worry, be Hopey. “Many times people say, “Don’t worry be happy”. But how can we be happy when you got so many worry? When you worry, you are thinking of future with negative mind. You’re thinking of all the bad things which might happen. ***** I learned … Continue reading Don’t worry, be HOPEY!